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Background information

Welcome to the demonstrative site of the potential of the "Web Commander" administrative system.

"Web Commander" is a flexible and easy-in-use site administrative system that can be mastered without any difficulty even by a man who has nothing to do with Web technologies.

We have learnt from our own experience that a half-an-hour lecture and several phone consultations is quite enough for a fellow-worker of the client-company, who is charged to fill the site to start the successful work with the CMS (Content Management System).

The whole this site from the first up to the last page including the menu is created with the "Web Commander" system.
It was created to demonstrate the potential of the system and to explain how to use it .

We hope, that the system we have worked out, will suit your taste and help you to create an effective corporative site for your company.

"Web Commander" system advantages

  • To realise the administration of your site with "Web Commander", you need only a computer connected to internet with any popular browser installed.
    After you enter the login and the password on the starting page, you are able to edit the information and the menu on the site. So you can promptly correct information and publish news even outside the office of you company.
  • Scalability - the "Web Commander" system allows your site to progress as well as your busyness. You can create any site with it including a little visiting-card-site or a huge corporative representment in hundred of pages. You can add new divisions, rearrange the menu, add language versions, increase the potential out of necessity.
  • Even a beginning user will spend about an hour to get a good understanding how to fill a site with the "Web Commander". One might spoil the site outlook only publishing unattractive illustrations. All the rest of design (site template, text, tables and different pages styles) is kept in separate files that can not be changed by a user and can not be spoilt.
  • The absolute freedom in creating the site structure. Easiness of its editing. any moment you can create a new structure in 5 minutes without any detriment to the existing filling of the site.
  • the system may be included to the existing site design.
  • Multiplatformity- the system is not aimed to any particular operation system.
  • The problem of indexing site pages by systems of search is solved. It is well known that the systems of search either do not index at all the pages with the titles where the symbols "=", <&>, <?> occur (these are the pages generated automatically), or index them up to a definite level of subdivisions. The search system takes a site created with the "Web Commander" as a combination of usual html pages, thats why the search system index the contents easily.
  • To add a new language version that is not foreseen in the administrative system we will have to change only two lines of the code. Right after that the new version will be available for filling with the material and display in the site.
  • The maximal speed of page loading; the code corresponds to the standards. That guarantees the proper display of pages in future browser versions created in these standards.
  • Every client-company enjoys a year of guarantee maintenance free of charge
    from the moment of starting the "Web Commander" system.


tel/fax: +38(044) 425-71-07, 592-03-80
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