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Main sections

The main menu of "Web Commander" system

There are two main work areas in the system: "Menu" and "Pages". You can move to them quickly from any page of the system.

"Pages" work area

In the "Pages" work area you can operate on the pages:
- create new pages, edit and delete the pages of different types;
- add/delete/edit texts on the pages;
- change the parameters of the pages.

The pages are independent elements, that do not depend on the menu of the site. You may create as many pages of different types as you wish. But they will be available for visitors only when they are attached to the specified items of the menu or to the links from other pages attathed to the menu.

If there are several language versions at work area "Pages" when a new document is being created, then as many new pages are formed as many language versions are there in the system.

Familiarise with the principles of page creating and editing in detail.

В настоящий момент в систему встроены и успешно работают следующие типы страниц:

"Menu" work area

In the "Menu" work area you can operate on the main menu of the site: add, delete, edit the titles of the sections and subsections, attach a special page to each menu subsection, change them from necessity.

Menues of different language versions are created separately. They are independent, but still there is through navigation in the language versions. If the pages are duplicated in other languages, than the visitor can move from a such page to the same page in another language clicking on the "Shift the language" button. If there in no duplicate,then clicking on the "Shift the language" button the visitor can see the page specified by default (e.g. "News" division)

Familiarise with the principles of creating and editing the site menu in detail.


There is a convenient information system in the "Web Commander".
You can easily find any piece of information you need.

"Settings" work area

In the "Settings" area you can change the passwords of the administrative system, set the search system of the site( specify the number of resources found, that are input at the first page, index a new material in time, to make it available to the search system).


You should use the "Exit" command to delete your session from the system: the data that you entered the system with the right password and the access was given. But if you exit just closing the browser window, then your access data might be saved for several hours in the system. And you risk that a strange person might use your computer in your absence and enter the administrative system having found its address at the browser history.

The "Exit" command exclude this risk absolutely.

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