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About us

The "Deep Vision" studio is a professional web-design studio which has succeed in the splendid personnel selection. Our experts create professionally the designs of any difficulty: a visiting-card-site of 2-5 pages or an information portal with ramified database or an e-shop.

The creative work of the "Deep Vision" studio is based on the principles of cooperation of professional artists and programmers. The clients of our studio may be sure that the style of the firm and the site design will be created by the gifted artists, that are aware of peculiarities of creation graphics for internet and possess all the necessary program means. Studio programmers create the internet version of the design and with the advanced technologies they transform the designer's idea into a quick and convenient site.

Co-operating with professional film directors and animators we can offer you Flash-movies and CD-presentations of high quality, animated in traditional or 3D animation. We use up-to-date Flash technology, which makes it possible to present in Internet the sound and the animation of high quality.

We like our work and we always try to do it as well as possible. We place more exacting demands upon our output quality than our clients do. The constant development and self-improvement, mastering the use of up-to-date technologies, professional and experience progress are the elements of our successful work.

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