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"Content" type

The universal constructor of the "Content" type pages

The most of pages of any site are common pages with texts, illustrations and tables and it was right for their creating that a convenient constructor program has been worked out.

We propose blocks of seven types.
The 8th block will come soon. It extends the potential of the system greatly (see the information below).

So 7 blocks of the "Content" type page are available for a site creator. They are:

It's quite enough to create easily about 90% of informative
pages of the site.

While editing "Content" type pages the following commands are available for created blocks of any type: "delete", "edit", "move one position higher", " move one position lower".

It's convenient to edit such a page: at any time you may add a table to any part of the page, decorate a long text with an illustration or create a link in a text-block.

All the styles of texts, tables, links and headers are rigidly fixed in the system, and this excludes all the worries about a fellow worker who might chance to spoil the outlook of your site: all people from different branches and departments will create the site in the unified style without additional supervision.

One more special command is available in all the blocks: "Frame the Block".

One can single out with it any existing block.
It looks especially nice when applied to a table - the frame makes it look very effective.

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