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"Form" type

There are 2 types of "Form" type pages: static and administered.
Programmers of our studio create the static forms once and for good and these pages can be neither administered nor deleted from the page list.
The administered forms can be installed into "Web Commander" system for extra charge.

Features of the administered page of the 'Form" type

With the help of this page the client can create various forms, questionnaires, application forms etc.

The "Form Editing" command allows a user to create units of the following types:
1. the "File" unit serves for creating a field for attaching a file;
2. the "Input line" unit serves for creating input lines in the form;
3. the "Text field" unit serves for creating text fields;
4. the "list box" unit serves for creating list boxes;
5. the "Radio buttons" unit serves for creating the group of radio buttons;
6. the "Check box" unit serves for creating a group of check boxes.

There is also an area on this page for entering the e-mail address the visitors' data will be sent to.

Here is an example of the "Form" page which we use for receiving visitors' applications for testing ""Web Commander""
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