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"Pages" working area

Creating and editing site pages

Creating a new page

To create a new page choose the "Page" item in the main menu of the administration system.
On the page open you will see the input fields for the title of the new page, for its description and type.

We recommend you to specify at the page title the whole path to this page from the main division. It makes the site navigation easier, especially when editing the menu and linking subdivisions to the corresponding pages.

The field for description of the page input is optional for filling. There you can put your notes, like, for example, a reminder that the page is to be off after a certain data, or that the page edit is unfinished.

The main point is the choice of a page type.
By default the type "Content" is chosen. That is a page that consists of several blocks. With the help of this page the most informative pages may be created and edited.

To choose a page of another type, click on the specified item in the "Page Type" list box.

After these data are in click on the "Create a Page" button and a new blank of the page will be displayed in the alphabetical list of all pages of the site. Then choose the page of the language version you need and click on the "Create" button of the language version you need.

A new page is neither filled yet nor attached to the site menu. To start the page filling, click on the "Edit" icon
against its title.

Working on the list of all existing pages

The "List of all the existing pages" table is located right below the block for creating new pages.
There are the following fields at the table:
1. Language
2. Title
3. Division
4. Type
5. Description
6. Operation

The "Title" field contains the list of all the existing pages- the titles that were input at the text field "Enter the title of the new page" while the pages were created.

The field "Division" indicates the division to which the page is attached. If the page is not attached yet, there will be noted at the field, "no division".

"Type" field indicates the page type.

The "Description" field contains the notes you put down when creating and editing the pages.

The "Operation" field contains commands to operate on the pages "Open in browser", "Edit", "Delete".

"Open in browser" icon (Eye icon) opens the page created in the special window right as it displayed on the site.

After clicking on the "Edit" icon you can start to fill the page or edit it.

The "Delete" icon deletes the pages from the site database. It deletes the "Content" type page only if all its blocks are already deleted.

Editing page title and description

To change the page title or its description in the page list, click on the "Edit" icon, that is located at the "Operation" field of the table "List of the existing pages"

The window "Change the information about the page" opens. After you have change the title or the description of the page click the "Send the Information" button. Then all the changes will be made at the table "List of all the existing pages" and at all parts of administration system which use the titles of the pages(inner links). No connection between the page and the links to it from the other subdivision of the site will not be lost.

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